Vola Mahasoa was created in 1993 on the initiative of APEM or Association pour la Promotion de l'Entreprise à Madagascar dans le Moyen Onilahy (Bezaha), thanks to the technical support of CIDR and funding from the Agence Française de Développement. In 2007, the Vola Mahasoa project was institutionalized in the form of a limited company with the Association for the Promotion of Enterprise in Madagascar (60%) and PAMIGA (40%) as its main shareholders. This limited company obtained its approval in 2008.
Vola Mahasoa is a level two non-mutual microfinance institution (MFI) but following the implementation of the new law on microfinance n°2017-026 of 08 February 2018, Vola Mahasoa will be a "Savings and Credit Institution". To accelerate its development, Vola Mahasoa plans to open its capital.

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Vola Mahasoa's main mission is to contribute to the reduction of poverty in its area of intervention, while reducing social inequality, by offering vulnerable groups such as young people, women, peasants, micro-entrepreneurs and the illiterate the best access to savings, credit and other financial and non-financial services. It thus offers the best access to savings, credit and other financial and non-financial services. Solidarity and sustainability, these services allow the consolidation and diversification of the Malagasy financial sector.

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In order to achieve its objective as a microfinance institution, Vola Mahasoa promotes a close relationship with its targets by expanding its areas of intervention with offers that meet their needs while respecting the environment.
In addition, Vola Mahasoa boosts and sensitizes its clients to use the electronic wallet "from the wallet to the bank". The aim is to ensure the security of clients and to minimise their movements in order to save their time.
One of the perspectives not to be forgotten is the fact that Vola Mahasoa is already planning to enter the "bank to wallet" option for its future.

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The main objective of the institution is to contribute to the reduction of poverty in its areas of intervention and to the reduction of social inequality through microfinance that is sustainable and accessible to all.
Thus, to participate in the development of vulnerable groups, men and women, urban and rural, by offering them the best financial and non-financial services adapted to their needs, in proximity, of quality and sustainable.
This contribution takes the form of financing the intensification and diversification of agricultural and non-agricultural economic activities, protecting the prices of all products (storage credit, processing) and facilitating access to small productive equipment.


Like any other microfinance institution, Vola Mahasoa also basically offers credit, savings and some related activities to its target beneficiaries.


Currently, Vola Mahasoa operates in 10 regions of Madagascar, including: Atsimo Andrefana, Matsiatra Ambony, Amoron'i Mania, Vatovavy Fitovinany, Betsiboka, Boeny, Atsinanana, Bongolava, Analanjirofo and Analamanga. It is composed of 5 branches, located in Tuléar, Fianarantsoa, Maevatanana, Toamasina and Bongolava. In order to promote financial inclusion and respect the principle of proximity between it and its target clients, these branches manage 45 service points, 10 of which are located in urban areas and 35 in rural areas.


VOLA MAHASOA S.A. and its employees are committed to :
- Demonstrate integrity
- Guarantee transparency
- Ensure the quality of services
- Promote innovation and excellence
- Work towards building strong community links
• Competence,
• Honesty,
• Autonomy,
• Motivation,
• Professionalism and
• Solidarity
Abbreviated as "CHAMPS", Vola Mahasoa wants to be "CHAMPS" for entrepreneurship and the development of its staff. This code of ethics is a collection of ethical principles that all stakeholders are called upon to respect in order to better achieve the financial and social mission of Vola Mahasoa.
In addition, Vola Mahasoa also has its own code of ethics which includes all the values, moral duties, lines of conduct, organisation and management. These are all elements that all stakeholders must respect in the exercise of their respective activities, roles and responsibilities both within Vola Mahasoa and within the microfinance sector in Madagascar.


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From the date of its creation until 2007, the institution operated in the form of a project and benefited from the technical and financial support of several partners such as
• The Mission of Cooperation and Cultural Action
• The CIDR and the PAMIGA
• The Association for the Promotion of Enterprise in Madagascar
• The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAEP) through the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA)
• The European Union
• The UNDP through the PAFIM project
• The African Development Bank (ADB) through the PRBM, PACP, PRPIM and PROJERMO projects
• The World Bank through the PASEF project (Projet d'appui aux Secteurs Financiers)
• The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) through the PROSPERER programme and other programmes


Vola Mahasoa is currently looking for motivated and dynamic staff to form a team in the Anosy region.


In front of the evolution of technology, like other Microfinance Institutions, Vola Mahasoa is also planning to exploit the fruit of the NTIC. To be precise, the mobilization of the electronic wallet.



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